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Rental Loan Programs

Let Inner Core Capital help you grow your portfolio of rental properties! We can get you more working capital through our wide range of rental loan programs. Turn your real estate into wealth! New purchases, refinance, and cash out options are all available, with your choice of 30-year fixed, ARM, and Interest-only products.

Highlights of Our Rental Loan Programs 

  • Long Term Financing for Stabilized Rentals and Rental Acquisition
  • Equity based and FICO driven with no tax returns required
  • DSCR calculated on interest only for interest only loans
  • Single-Family, 1-4 Units, Condos, Townhomes

30 Year Fixed Rate

  • 10 Year interest only, converts to 30 year amortized. This includes 40 year locked rate
  • Refinance and purchases up to 85% – cash out 75% Max – loan amounts of $55,000 to $2,000,000
  • Rates start at 4.75% – rates are based on credit score, LTV, and other factors


  • Minimum FICO Score 600 – non-owner-occupied properties only
  • Property DTI 90%
  • No minimum DTI with credit score over 700, and LTV under 70%
  • 3 Months reserves of principle, interest, taxes, and insurance (cash out can qualify)
  • No derogatory credit issues within 36 months

General Guidelines

  • Fully Amortized 30 years, 10-year partial interest only options available
  • Pre-Payment 3-3.5 Year / 3% – 2% – 1% – with buydown available
  • All States eligible except for Minnesota or South Dakota
  • Refinance Properties to be Rented or Leased